What sort of a name is Divergent Path?

The story is pretty standard. Someone spots a gap in the market, and decides the time is right to form a company – in this case a marketing agency. They know what the company needs to do and know what it stands for.

The next step – search for a name. The name has to be original but can’t be too basic. The name has to stand out but can’t be too off the wall. Sometimes a name is meaningless and is memorable for its irrelevance to the end product.

In our case, it symbolises the whole ethos of the company it represents. The end product is something we hope everyone can get behind.

Divergent Path was born out of the idea that there should be a third way when it comes to the marketing agency model. We want to make the highest standards of marketing available to everyone, no matter what your experience or budget may be.

The binary choice

When it comes to skilled marketing activity, start-ups, small to medium-sized businesses and organisations with limited budgets have often faced a binary choice.

Option One. Try and go it alone. Navigate a strange world of acronyms, glossy websites, sponsored content and off the shelf guidebooks. You’ll have to refine whole new skills, learn to speak a new language, and shift valuable time and effort away from developing your business or product.

Option Two. Approach a traditional marketing agency. Their model involves signing the biggest international clients and leveraging household names to attract smaller companies hoping to emulate their success. They’ll add extortionate mark-ups on their prices and utilise strategies that emphasise the up-selling of expensive and unnecessary services. They maintain full creative control, charging for the smallest of changes and keeping you reliant and beholden their services.

Neither option is palatable for many and it can leave smaller companies feeling lost. Forced to make a binary choice between two undesirable options – either giving up your time, or your money, with no guarantee of success either way.

A 'Divergent Path'

At Divergent Path, we believe in marketing for all. It’s not just a catchy slogan, but the core value that drives us. We believe that there’s a different way of working that allows everyone, no matter their size or budget, to have access to the highest standard marketing services.

We open up access by allowing you to become self-sustainable in your marketing activity. We lay the highest-quality foundations and then provide tools, training, support and advice to allow you to move ahead and manage your activity yourself without the need for unnecessary external support.

We speak your language. We never using ‘marketing-speak’ to overwhelm and confuse you or try to over-complicate things. We’ll never try to sell you services that you don’t need and will discuss all options with you to come to an agreement on your aims. All our proposals are based solely on what we believe you need for your success.

We’re also committed to being entirely transparent about our pricing. We break our costs down to make them as clear as possible so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. We also work on a project basis; you pay for the product you’ve asked us to deliver, not the time we spend on it.


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