Truly digital means truly global

This isn’t just another blog post about how the coronavirus has changed the world – that’s a given. Marketing will never be the same again. This is a post about how the coronavirus has made us realise the things we already knew but didn’t take the time to embrace

No substitutes

Pre Covid-19 the mentality of many employers and the companies they represented was that a persons’ value was based on the time they sat at their desk, looking busy. Bums on seats and large packed offices were a sign of prosperity and productivity.

Covid-19's impact on marketing

For too long, the quality of work took a second place to the needs of employers to denote success through seeing their employees every day, arriving at 9 and leaving at 5. Afterall, how many managers found it easier to pull up an employee on their time keeping instead of the quality of the work they were producing.

This mindset not only placed quantity over quality, but especially in the world of marketing failed to recognise that creativity and ideation isn’t best found between 9am Monday and 5pm Friday.

Ideas for new marketing campaigns or solutions for creative challenges can happen anywhere and at any time. A website design can come to you as easily on the morning commute or in the bath in the evening, as it can whilst sitting at a fixed desk within the marketing department of the office.

This thinking not only encouraged managers to consider marketing as being confined to the office, it also placed restrictions on the geography that you thought you could operate in.


If Marketing is deskbound and office-based, then any work outside the immediate locality of the workplace must therefore require somebody else in another office to be doing the same thing. Working in one end of the country and coordinating campaigns in another was previously seen as a challenge, let alone doing this from one continent to another.

What we've realised

Covid-19 has forced people to realise that you can have meaningful interactions, gain insights and share knowledge without having to be physically together. For example, running a marketing campaign in China doesn’t require you to employ marketing staff locally or require you to fly out a team and incur significant business expenses.


The same tools that we have used to create remote working are the ones that facilitate international collaboration. They enable someone in London to effectively run marketing activities in Beijing. Workshops and brainstorming sessions can be held by video chat. Presentations can be shown on shared screens. Feedback can be given through email and campaigns can be set-up and launched no matter where in the world any of the stakeholders are located.

Atlanta, London and Tokyo

At Divergent Path, we believe that marketing should be accessible to all. There is no reason why a company in the Far East, South America or Africa shouldn’t be able to benefit from knowledge and expertise based in London.


We’ve worked on websites in the USA and held marketing strategy meetings with Tokyo, all using the exact same set-up as we do with our clients based 2 tube stops away in London.


For us geography isn’t something that poses a barrier to effective marketing partnerships and collaboration.


We work with clients from all over the world because being truly digital means we can be truly global.


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