Email marketing that
delivers results

Email Marketing can be an incredibly effective tool if used in the right way.

It allows you to be creative, highly targeted, personal and it’s relatively cheap.

Successful email marketing requires three key elements:

  • Accurate and relevant data
  • Strong creative design and messaging
  • Effective campaign management

At Divergent Path we can help you source the data you need, design high-quality email campaigns and either assist or directly manage the deployment of your email marketing strategy.

What we offer:


Behind every good email campaign is a solid strategy. What to message out, how often and when is something we can help with. A solid plan that delivers.


We always follow the latest best practice when designing emails. We can create something you something complete or templates for you to populate yourselves.


Wether you're using a tool like Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Hubspot or you want custom built HTML. We can help. We'll build you the emails that produce results.

Data sourcing

We can help you get new data that's GDPR compliant as well as helping you link your exisiting data and integrate a CRM system into the backend.

Campaign Management

We can offer a full 360 approach that manages all aspects of your email marketing. We can also integrate it with wider marketing campaigns.


Run something before? We can take a look into your systems and suggest various areas for improvement.

Take a look at some of our work:

Case study: helping a transport technology supplier self-manage their email marketing

You don’t need a full-time marketing manager to be able to run engaging email campaigns.

We recently worked with a company who had a lot to talk about and share but didn’t have the in-house skills to get their email marketing up and running.

Working with them we got them properly set up on a Mailchimp and integrated their long-running CRM system. 

We then created a set of email templates that they could use time and time again, that would always look fresh and professional with just a couple of cosmetic tweaks.

They’re now able to regularly put out promotions, sales messages and other great content themselves, without the need to keep paying someone every time.

We're here to fulfil your marketing needs, no matter how big or small your requirements

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