Making the most out of
your social media channels

We are truly living in the age of social media. When utilised correctly it can be a powerful tool.

At Divergent Path, we see social media as having three key roles and we can help you to understand how it can work for you.

  • We can help you optimise your social media pages and accounts; ensuring you are following best practice and are able to reach your clients and interact in the best way possible
  • We can work with you to produce organic (non-paid) content that is engaging and relevant for your audience
  • We can help you to create and run social media advertising campaigns
We also offer social media audits and strategies, and our ‘Social Media Demystified’ workshop will offer you a deeper understanding of the role that it plays.

What we offer:

Social Strategy

We can work with you to help you get the most out of your social media channels with a comprehensive social media strategy.

Content Plans

We offer long-term planning, telling you what type of content to post and when. We can do anytime period from 1 - 12+ months.

Content Creation

We can create videos, blogs, memes, images and much much more. An eclectic mix of content for your channels.


We can set you up with and populate a social media scheduling tool thats allows you to set hundreds of posts in one go.

Community Management

If needed, we can be the voice of your company online. We can respond to comments and messages on your behalf.

Paid Social

We can support you to promote your brand through paid for advertising on all social media channels.

Take a look at some of our work:

Case study: supporting new product launch with organic social media



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