Comprehensive marketing strategies
that deliver on your goals

At the heart of all effective marketing activity sits a comprehensive marketing strategy. Without a solid plan you can get easily get lost and miss your goals. 

We can create a short-term 3 month plan, a to 5 year marketing strategy and work within your budget, no matter what you are looking to spend.

We always break our marketing strategies down into two separate parts or documents

Your brand and your goals

The first part of a Divergent Path marketing strategy will be focused on helping you solidify your brand identity, company values and marketing goals.

Example sections include:

  • Core values, key messaging and reasons to believe
  • Proposition
  • Competitor research
  • Customer personas
  • Evaluation of digital presence and marketing activity

Marketing activity and content plan

Part two is focused on how you deliver your message, the channels you use and the content you need to do it effectively.

Example sections include:

  • Content plan 
  • Channel-by-channel breakdowns
  • Marketing activity calendars
  • Campaign suggestions
  • Content ideas

We also provide general marketing consultancy

divergent path marketing consultancy

You may already have a marketing strategy and just need advice on executing it. You may need help ideating campaigns or simply an independent evaluation of your current marketing presence.

Whatever your needs, at Divergent Path we can assist. 

We can provide a full range of marketing consultancy services from quick 1hr brainstorming sessions through to providing an ongoing marketing management consultancy.

Case study: helping a training company plan for their next 12 months

How do you make a marketing plan when you don’t have a marketing team?

Simple, you work with a company like Divergent Path!

We worked with a training provider to get to know their brand and their growth objectives. Once we established the time and budget they had for marketing activities over the next 12 months we pulled a comprehensive strategy together for them, providing examples and some sample content.

We ran a couple of training sessions with the team in area’s they were unsure off and remained on hand over the 12 months to answer any questions are give advice for free.

We're here to fulfil your marketing needs, no matter how big or small your requirements

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By the way, we don't just do Strategy and Consulting!