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‘Marketing’ as a term is a very broad concept and encompasses so many things. Unless you are an experienced marketing specialist, you likely don’t have the time to fully get to grips with it all.

At Divergent Path, we believe that everyone should be able to understand the marketing basics and have designed 5 key topic training workshops to guide you.

Our marketing workshops are up to 1.5 hours and can be delivered in person or online – whatever works for you.

"Who are we?" Getting to grips with your brand

This interactive session is highly recommended for all our clients.

Through open-ended questions and discussion, we work together to refine who you really are. This will help you identify your marketing strengths and weaknesses. This session lays a transparent foundation for our future work and helps to identify the areas that need our focus. 

Social media demystified

Does my company need an Instagram account?

What information should actually be on Facebook?

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various social media channels and identify which are the most suitable  for you.

Email marketing fundamentals

Where do I get data from?

What does an effective EM campaign look like?

Discuss how you can use cost-effective tools to build email campaigns that generate leads and sales.

Leveraging print and direct mail

Does posted Direct Mail still work?

Will paying for magazine ad give me a reasonable ROI?

Understand how ‘traditional marketing’ methods work in a digital world and how you can still leverage them to gain a solid ROI.

Online marketing 101

PPC and SEO? Digital Display? Google ads vs Google AdSense?

What do these acronyms actually mean?

Explaining the core differences between the several types of digital advertising methods, how they are paid for and who uses them.

Bespoke marketing workshops

Maybe you are looking for a mixture of the above?

We will work alongside you to build a custom marketing workshop specifically tailored to your current situation, requirements and level of understanding. 

Case study: Helping a national exam body better understand their brand identity

Should you really be marking your own papers?

We were recently asked by the Director of a national examination body to design an interactive workshop to allow them get to grips with 21st Century marketing activity and understand the thought processes of marketeers.

Our ‘Who are we?’ workshop discussed the best way to be evaluating their marketing activity and how to clearly explain to the wider market who they are and where their values lie. Through this exploration we uncovered counterproductive activities within their current set-up and brand positioning.

This training allowed our client to gain a deeper insight into their marketing opportunities which fed into a larger organisational review.

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